Selling at Shimacon

What can you sell

First of here is what you can sell during Shimacon. 

- Crafts made by you such as:

   - Drawings (Fitting our general theme)

   - Accessories

   - Cosplay props, and so on

- Second hand Anime or game effects

- Second hand cosplays and wigs

- Manga or Anime DVD

- Games related to our theme 

And more. Everything related to our general theme is accepted.

BUT you can not resell new products you have bought to gain a profit.

How to sell

Now there is two ways to sell your things:

1. sell it yourself:

    Shimacon can provide you a table and a      chair which you can use to put out your      arts and craft and sell yourself during        the con. If you have more than 15 items      then this is the only option ( book series      are counted as one item)

2. Have Shimacon sell it for you:

     If you don´t have to many items (less           then 15, book series are counted as             one item) then this might be your best         option. You will then fill out a list as the       example shown at the left side called           "Kiis Wigs" 

     It should be a easy list to read that               includes these points:

     - Your name on the top

     - Description of each item

     - Price of the item

     - Leave a spot for us to mark it as sold

All items must be delivered to us  on saturday or sunday moring and picked up sunday night unless another deal has been made. Make sure to mark all the items so we don´t lose track of it. 

List can be send on email to us or brought with the items. 


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